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ME she/her 17 white unlabeled infp

BEFORE YOU FOLLOW i will mostly tweet about the people highlighted, i solo stan in some groups where i don’t dislike the other members, not consistent in what i tweet about
DONT FOLLOW IF you fit any basic dfi criteria, are under 14 and/or into1 ot11 stan

GROUPS jo1, qylm, p1harmony, justb, orbit, the rose, niziu, yhx, rbw jboyz

SOLO (STAN) kim nayoung + nagai hina, santa + yzl, xu zhenxuan, zhang xingte, jung jinsung

SHOWS vincenzo, alice in borderland, sweet home, shadow and bone, young royals, move to heaven
ACTORS edvin ryding, tang junsang, pp krit
WATCHING law school, racket boys, skam france